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  • Godichon-Baggioni, A., & Robin, S. (2024). A robust model-based clustering based on the geometric median and the Median Covariation Matrix. Statistics and Computing 34-55. arXiv:2211.08131.

  • Ouadah, S., Latouche, P., & Robin, S. (2022). Motif-based tests for bipartite networks. Electronic Journal of Statistics, 16(1), 293-330. arXiv:2101.11381.

  • Morlon, H., Robin, S., & Hartig, F. (2022). Studying speciation and extinction dynamics from phylogenies: addressing identifiability issues. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. bioRxiv:2020.07.03.185074.

  • Momal, R., Robin, S., & Ambroise, C. (2021). Accounting for missing actors in interaction network inference from abundance data. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C: Applied Statistics, 70(5), 1230-1258. arXiv:2007.14299.

  • Donnet, S., & Robin, S. (2021). Accelerating Bayesian estimation for network Poisson models using frequentist variational estimates. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C: Applied Statistics, 70(4), 858-885. arXiv:1707.07971 (unpublished complete version). arXiv:1907.09771.

  • Chiquet, J., Mariadassou, M., & Robin, S. (2021). The Poisson-lognormal model as a versatile framework for the joint analysis of species abundances. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 9, 588292. bioRxiv:2020.10.07.329383.

  • Facon, B., Hafsi, A., Charlery De La Masseliere, M., Robin, S., Massol, F., Dubart, M., … & Ravigné, V. (2021). Joint species distributions reveal the combined effects of host plants, abiotic factors and species competition as drivers of species abundances in fruit flies. Ecology Letters, 24(9), 1905-1916. bioRxiv:2020.12.07.414326.

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